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How to locate German WW1 Aerial Photos

Aerial WW1 photos are historical pictorial sources supplementing textual sources. Unfortunately, German aerial photos can normally not be located on maps, because the locations are annotated as grid box codes which refer to legacy German Army war maps. Trying to locate a German WW1 Aerial Photo would require access to German war maps. Genuine German war maps are kept in only a few archives and they are normally not available for this purpose. This a well-known problem, but "How to locate German WW1 Aerial Photos" proposes an easy solution.


The book, though written in German, contains an elaborate English language Reference Guide with the key findings and discussing and exemplifying the method of locating aerial photos on to-day's maps. The method can be adopted by everybody with internet access and some experience with Google™Earth. Google™Earth satellite maps are used to locate the WW1 aerial photographs.
The clue of the method lies in reference tables, containing selected reference points with their German war map grid codes related to modern geographical coordinates. By simple maths of adding/subtracting distances from reference points to grid box numbers, each German WW1 aerial photo can be identified on Google™Earth satellite maps. The results often reveal a stunning identity of century-old photographs with their aspect today.
This book is suggested for both war historians and laymen interested in the Great War. Whoever in possession of German WW1 aerial photos and wishing to compare the once war torn fields with their actual appearance will esteem the locating method of "How to locate German WW1 Aerial Photos".

Helmut Jäger
How to locate German WW1 Aerial Photos
Luftbilder auf der Karte finden - With English language Reference Guide

Paperback, 220 pages, with many illustrations
Venorion VKA, München 2014
Price 24,90 Euro
ISBN 978-3-98 16934-0-9

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